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Manufacturers' Representatives to the Food Service Industry

LMS Associates Test Kitchen - Manufacturer's Representative to the Food Service IndustryManufacturers serve the food service industry best by continually researching, developing, and manufacturing new, state-of-the-art food service equipment. Excellent product quality increases productivity, controls production costs, and improves the bottom line for the end-user.

As a premier manufacturers representative company, LMS Associates offers a solid base of products to cover all your needs. We not only supply top-of-the-line equipment, but also make certain that you select the best solution for your needs.


Our Test Kitchen


The LMS Test Kitchen was designed and created with you in mind. Our Test Kitchen gives you the opportunity to truly "Try Before You Buy".

This comfortable, commercial kitchen was built for you to view first-hand product demonstrations, and to provide the option to bring individual products that you may personally test on the factory equipment.

Offering both Group and specific One-on-One demonstrations, allows us to better work with your individual requirements and needs.

Call us today at 800-725-7377, to arrange to bring your products into our Test Kitchen and try for yourself. The best way to learn about new equipment is to see and use it personally.

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