Welcome to the LMS Associates Team page! LMS Associates is a premier independent rep firm comprising a growing and diverse group of food service professionals. Our team is committed to customer satisfaction, and innovative equipment solutions. LMS Associates team members will always take a “Listen First” approach to identify the specific need before we suggest specific solutions. Our team members are here to serve our manufacturers, our customers, and our fellow team members. Please reach out to one of our professionals below for assistance with all of your equipment needs.

Michael Fiedler

Michael's Bio

Michael Fiedler, our esteemed Principal and Sales Representative, has been an integral part of the LMS Associates family for an impressive 16 years. Michael’s dedication lies in directly engaging with end users and customers, where he excels in identifying equipment issues and crafting innovative solutions that not only address immediate concerns but also contribute to the future growth of their food service programs. One of Michael’s unique strengths is his commitment to helping customers write detailed specifications for new equipment, ensuring a seamless process from quotes to installation, eliminating potential headaches and guaranteeing precision.

Michael’s journey at LMS has been marked by compelling experiences and notable accomplishments. His achievements include receiving accolades for the largest combi order in the history of Eloma, Rep of the Year with Howard McCray, Rep of the Year for Atlas Metal, and Vendor of the Year for Kirby Restaurant Supply.

Academically, Michael studied Business Administration at the University of Texas at San Antonio, underscoring his commitment to a strong foundation in business practices.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Michael’s interests revolve around wheels—whether it’s cars, motorcycles, or anything in between. He also finds joy in working on cars during his spare time and occasionally indulges in playing the guitar. Michael Fiedler’s wealth of experience, accomplishments, and diverse interests make him an invaluable asset to the success and continued growth of LMS Associates.

Jeff Glenn

Jeff's Bio

Jeff Glenn, our Principal and Key Accounts specialist, brings nine years of dedicated service to LMS Associates. Jeff’s unique approach to client relations centers on the art of listening—an essential skill he believes fosters deeper understanding and paves the way for innovative solutions. He draws inspiration from the wisdom of the Dalai Lama, who remarked, “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. If you listen, you may learn something new.”

One of Jeff’s most rewarding experiences has been witnessing the substantial growth of LMS Associates, where success is rooted in hard work and dedication. Contributing to this success story has been a humbling journey for Jeff, marking his commitment to the company’s ethos.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Jeff holds a degree in Applied Science – Drafting / Design. He is a proud United States Navy Veteran. Outside the office, he finds fulfillment in spending quality time with his family and indulging in personal interests such as fishing, football, travel, range shooting, and the ongoing care of his property. Jeff Glenn’s multifaceted approach reflects his dedication to both professional excellence and a rich, fulfilling personal life.

Ben Arce

Sales Manager

Ben's Bio

Benjamin Arce III, our esteemed Sales Manager, whose impressive tenure of 13 years and 3 months with LMS Associates reflects a deep commitment to excellence. Benjamin’s character is defined by unwavering loyalty and a commitment to core values such as honesty and professionalism. He consistently goes above and beyond, extending his dedication to both his employer and business relationships.

Benjamin’s sales philosophy is marked by a customer-centric approach, avoiding the superficial pursuit of sales for its own sake. Instead, he focuses on understanding each client’s unique needs, employing active listening before offering thoughtful recommendations. Quick to provide timely solutions, Benjamin positions himself as a reliable resource for his customers, ensuring they can always turn to him for assistance.

His professional journey includes a noteworthy role as a General Manager with Wendy’s restaurants on the East Coast, specifically in Virginia Beach and Norfolk. Benjamin’s adept management skills propelled him to a top-five position in sales and profit out of 60 locations for two consecutive years. Furthermore, he holds the distinction of being the first in his family on both sides to graduate high school and pursue higher education.

Benjamin’s academic pursuits are as diverse as his professional achievements. He attended Southern Methodist University, focusing on Sociology and English, delved into Science at Texas Tech University, and studied Business Management at Dallas Community College.

Beyond the confines of the workplace, Benjamin’s passion for sports endures. Despite being unable to play due to a leg injury, he has found fulfillment in coaching football and basketball. Actively involved in his grandchildren’s diverse activities, including dance, gymnastics, piano, football, and baseball, Benjamin Arce III embodies a holistic approach to both professional and personal success. He is a proud United States Marine Corp. Veteran.

Kim Wandrey

Office Manager

Kim's Bio

Kim Wandrey, our accomplished Office Manager, recently marked an impressive 24 years of dedicated service with LMS Associates. Kim is a cornerstone of our commitment to exceptional customer service, going the extra mile by promptly addressing emails during weekends, holidays, vacations, and even late into the night.

Kim’s outstanding track record is underscored by numerous accolades from various manufacturers. Notably, she received the Most Increased Sales award at Original Wood Seating, showcasing her commitment to excellence. Kim has actively pursued professional development through attendance at multiple factory training sessions and Auto Quotes classes, demonstrating her commitment to staying at the forefront of her field.

A graduate of the University of North Texas with a BA in Psychology from the Class of 1995, Kim brings a wealth of knowledge and a diverse skill set to her role. Outside of the office, she leads an active lifestyle, regularly attending Burn Boot Camp 4-5 times a week, participating in 5K races, and completing a 9.11 Mile Walk every 9/11, in addition to engaging in her gym’s annual Level Up Games. Beyond her commitment to fitness, Kim finds joy in collecting equine figurines and classic cars, adding a personal touch to her varied interests. Kim Wandrey’s unwavering dedication and diverse talents make her an invaluable asset to the fabric of LMS Associates.

Amber Fiedler

Sales Coordinator

Amber's Bio

Amber Fiedler, our dedicated Sales Coordinator, has been an invaluable member of the LMS Associates team for an impressive nine years. In her role, Amber excels in coordinating leads and training requests, managing the intricacies of contract quoting, and providing essential support to our dynamic sales team in project management.

Amber’s unique contribution lies in her meticulous approach to streamlining processes, ensuring that every project is executed with precision and efficiency. Her dedication to her responsibilities is evident in her ability to navigate the complexities of lead coordination and training requests, enhancing the overall effectiveness of our sales operations.

Although Amber is modest about detailing her accomplishments, her impact on the team is undeniable, contributing significantly to the seamless functioning of our sales processes. Academically, Amber holds a Bachelor’s in Business from UNT Dallas, underscoring her commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Beyond the office, Amber’s interests reveal a passion for literature and crafts. Her love for reading and engaging in creative pursuits not only showcases her well-rounded personality but also adds a layer of innovation to her problem-solving approach at work. Amber Fiedler’s enduring dedication, coupled with her diverse talents, make her an indispensable asset to the success and cohesion of LMS Associates.

Tyler Strong

Territory Sales Representative
Greater Houston

Tyler's Bio

Tyler Strong, our dynamic Outside Sales Representative, has been contributing to the success of LMS Associates for the past six months. Tyler’s approach to client and customer relations is marked by his commitment to building meaningful, individualized relationships. His key to success lies in providing optimal solutions and unwavering assistance throughout the entire process, ensuring a positive and personalized experience.

With a wealth of diverse experience in the Food and Beverage industry, Tyler proudly wears the badge of a certified foodie. His deep passion for the culinary arts originated in 2017 with a fascination for sous vide cooking, showcasing his hands-on understanding of the industry and its trends.

Tyler is a proud graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2019, where he proudly cheered for the Lumberjacks – “Go Lumberjacks!”

Outside of the professional realm, Tyler finds joy in a variety of interests. A music enthusiast, he plays the guitar with passion. Sports, cooking, and quality time with friends and family occupy his spare moments, adding a rich layer to his well-rounded personality. Tyler Strong’s multifaceted talents, coupled with his dedication to meaningful customer relationships, make him a valuable asset to the LMS Associates team.

Jeremy Smith

Territory Sales Representative
Oklahoma and Texas Panhandle

Jeremy's Bio

Jeremy Smith, our accomplished Territory Sales Representative, has been an integral part of the LMS Associates team for an impressive five years. Guided by the principle from Proverbs 2:4 – “not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others,” Jeremy approaches his work with a spirit of servitude, prioritizing the needs of both clients and colleagues.

Jeremy brings a wealth of experience to his role, having previously worked for an authorized service agent and held various positions in the food service industry before joining LMS in 2018. This diverse background equips him with a unique perspective that allows him to understand projects from various angles, enhancing his ability to provide comprehensive solutions.

Academically, Jeremy holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Management and Ethics from Mid-America Christian University, a testament to his commitment to ethical business practices. Outside the office, Jeremy finds fulfillment in family time, golf outings, exploring new grilling and smoking recipes, and indulging in his passion for audiobooks. Jeremy Smith’s commitment to service, coupled with his diverse experiences and skills, makes him an invaluable asset to the success and cohesion of LMS Associates.

Uriel Dominguez Soto

Territory Sales Representative
Dallas/Fort Worth

Uriel's Bio

Uriel Dominguez, our Sales Representative based in the vibrant DFW region, joined our team in November 2023 bringing with him a wealth of experience in the food industry.

Uriel has been instrumental in supporting local dealers and providing valuable equipment training. With a rich background in the food industry since the age of 16, Uriel has seamlessly transitioned from working in kitchens to excelling in sales, ultimately finding his niche as a representative for LMS.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Uriel indulges his passion for cars and 3D printing in his spare time, showcasing his diverse and creative interests outside the workplace.

Jon Roy

Territory Sales Representative
Jon's Bio

Jon Roy, our dedicated Territory Representative overseeing Louisiana and Southern Mississippi, has brought his wealth of experience to LMS Associates for the past two years. With over 20 years of hands-on experience in kitchen operations, Jon provides clients and customers with practical insights and expertise, offering a unique perspective that sets his approach apart.

Jon’s professional journey is marked by notable achievements, including more than two decades managing Casino Food and Beverage Departments. Beyond his role at LMS Associates, Jon actively contributes to the industry as a Board Member for the Louisiana Restaurant Association and holds a State Board position with the Coastal Conservation Association, showcasing his commitment to excellence and environmental stewardship.

Academically, Jon holds a Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management with a Minor in Business Administration from Northwestern State University. This educational background complements his extensive practical knowledge, making him a well-rounded professional in the field.

Outside of work, Jon finds fulfillment in various pursuits. Whether it’s hunting, fishing, traveling, or showcasing his culinary skills, he brings a passion for life to everything he does. As a fervent supporter of LSU sports—Geaux Tigers!—Jon’s diverse interests and proven expertise make him a valuable asset to the success and continued growth of LMS Associates.

Paden Dowse

Territory Sales Representative
Arkansas and Northern Mississippi

Paden's Bio

Paden Dowse, our proud Arkansas native, hails from Bentonville, where his childhood was filled with a love for fishing, hunting, hiking, and mountain biking. Post high school, Paden pursued his passion for international business, earning a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas with an enthusiastic “WOO PIG!” As part of his academic journey, he spent three transformative months in Valencia, Spain, obtaining a major in Spanish reading and writing.

During his time at UofA, Paden not only excelled in academics but also gained practical experience as a sales representative for a local restaurant dealer. Following graduation, he embraced the opportunity to join LMS Associates in Region 14, bringing his rich background in the foodservice industry to the team. Despite a lifelong connection to the field, Paden is eager to continue his career and contribute to the team’s pursuit of the next exciting opportunity.

Carmen Ocanas

Territory Sales Representative
Rio Grand Valley

Carmen's Bio
Carmen Ocanas, our Territory Sales Representative in the Rio Grand Valley, brings over 30 years of dedicated experience in food service management to our team. For the past decade, she has served as the Administrator for Food and Nutrition at an Education Service Center in South Texas. Carmen’s impactful tenure has been instrumental in supporting school districts across eight counties to meet federal guidelines for the national school lunch program. Her expertise extends to working closely with child and adult daycare food programs, ensuring seamless implementation and compliance.

Before her role as Administrator, Carmen spent over two decades as a Food Service Director, overseeing day-to-day operations, budgeting, staffing, training, and menu planning. Notably, she played a pivotal role in her former district’s success, assisting with the passage of a bond to construct a cutting-edge central kitchen capable of producing over 24,000 meals daily.

Carmen’s wealth of experience and invaluable expertise make her a vital asset to our team, enhancing our ability to deliver top-notch service and support to our clients and partners.

Elizabeth Chaney

Territory Sales Representative

Elizabeth's Bio

Elizabeth’s Bio Coming Soon

Grace Alexander

Corporate Chef

Grace's Bio

Meet Grace Alexander, our esteemed Corporate Chef, who has been an integral part of the LMS team since June 2023. Grace excels in aiding our clients by inviting them into our test kitchen, where she showcases the full spectrum of capabilities our equipment has to offer. She values the hands-on approach that the test kitchen provides, allowing personalized solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Grace holds an Associates degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management & Human Resource Leadership, both earned at Sullivan University in Louisville, KY.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Grace enjoys pursuing diverse hobbies in her spare time. From painting to leatherworking and crafting jewelry, she brings a creative and well-rounded perspective to both her professional and personal endeavors. Grace Alexander’s expertise and passion make her an invaluable asset to the success and innovation at LMS.

Lauren Glenn

Social Media Coordinator

Lauren's Bio

Lauren Glenn, our talented Social Media Coordinator, has been a valuable member of the LMS Associates team for the past year. Lauren’s primary role involves enhancing the company’s visibility and brand awareness through strategic social media management. Her unique approach involves crafting engaging posts to captivate audiences and bring attention to our brand, contributing to the growth and success of LMS Associates.

Lauren’s professional journey is marked by her dedication to elevating the company’s online presence. While she modestly leaves her most compelling experiences and accomplishments to speak for themselves, her impact on the digital realm is evident in the increased awareness and engagement surrounding the LMS brand.

Academically, Lauren holds an MBA in Business Administration, reflecting her commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Outside of the digital landscape, Lauren finds joy in spending quality time with her family. Her interests extend to reading, crocheting, and sewing, showcasing her diverse talents and well-rounded approach to both her personal and professional life. Lauren Glenn’s strategic social media expertise and multifaceted skills make her an integral part of the LMS Associates team.

Brad Johnson

IT Specialist
Brad's Bio

Brad’s Bio Coming Soon


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